“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

Once upon a time a man named Tai Lopez burst onto the world wide stage with a YouTube TV ad that started with, “Here in my garage, just bought this, arh, new Lamborghini here…”

Tai's famous, "Here in my garage..." with his beauiful Lamborghini.The first time I came across him was in an interview with a British guy. For some puzzling reason, I found him rather interesting. He spoke of the value of mentors, reading a book a day and the power of knowledge and learning from those who came before us. (We can learn from dead people.)

After doing some online research  I was surprised to see the amount of posts that said Tai was a ‘scammer’ and the negativity surrounding his ad. After poking around a bit longer it appeared that one of the main reasons for the extreme dislike for Tai, originated because his ad was being played on many YouTube videos. Hmmm…I get that!

There’s a British guy that keeps coming up when I watch YouTube videos and after months, admittedly, I feel a little annoyed about his ads at times, but my annoyance is not his fault. He’s just trying to run a business and marketing it the best way he probably knows how. It must get him a return on his investment, or, he would most likely drop the ad campaign. Besides, YouTube is free and watching a few seconds of an ad that we don’t particularly like is a small price to pay – wouldn’t you agree?

To cut a long story short, I went on to invest in Tai’s 67 Steps.

There was a money back guarantee…so what could go wrong?


I’d read about people having trouble getting their money back because of one reason or another and I was a bit curious to actually see if this would be the case (if I didn’t like the 67-day program). In all honesty, I’d watched enough of Tai’s YouTube and TV, or online ads/videos to make an informed choice.

Do I think Tai Lopez is a scammer? No.

Do I think he has done things in the past that he does not feel proud of? Yes…but hasn’t each and every human being that lives on the planet? I know that I have. He freely admits that he isn’t perfect.

I was reassured by watching enough of his videos and listening to my gut instinct to take the risk – for the possibility of gaining a better life – or, as Tai calls it, ‘The Good Life.”

…and that is how this new blog has come about. I’ll be watching one of Tai’s videos each day until the 67 Steps are complete and sharing how my life changes by implementing what I learn.

Part 2 …to follow